storia ACC was established in 2002 by the national Ministry of Health (MoH) as an association between six Italian comprehensive cancer centers (Fouders), which were recognized as center of high level of cancer care and research (Istituti di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico-IRCCS). [continue] La ricerca While ACC is pursuing national goals it is also positioning itself to high level of oncology research in the international networks. ACC is participating to TRANSCAN-2 and is a member of MD Anderson Sister Institutions. [continue]

ACC genomics


progettoACC ACC is promoting collaboration between Italian comprehensive cancer research institutes (IRCCS) in the area of precision medicine (PM). The partnership would allow each institute to coordinate efforts, avoid overlaps, and provide a forum to explore policy recommendations aiming to speed up implementation. While the field is moving forward quite rapidly, PM development in Italy seems hampered by a number of factors. [continue] network 2017/2018 Scholarship at American-Italian Cancer Foundation [continue].