The Association is comprised of Founder, Ordinary and Associate members.

The President, the Board of directors and the General Manager are not paid.

The President is nominated every five years by the Ministry of Health from a list of high profile scientists selected by the Board. The current President is Professor Ruggero De Maria

General Manager of ACC is professor Paolo De Paoli.

The Board of directors is comprised of the President, the scientific directors of all the Founder Institutes, up to a maximum of 6 scientific directors, elected as Ordinary members through a nomination process, and two members representing cancer patient associations. The duration of the mandate of the members is related to their position in their respective Institutes. The Associate members have a five-year mandate.

The ACC Members Meeting is held at least twice a year with the participation of the legal representatives of the 6 Founder member organizations, the 18 Ordinary member organizations and the 3 Associate member organizations.


Prof. Ruggero De Maria

Curriculum Vitae

«A wealth of scientific knowledge and clinical know-how has still to be translated into patient care. My commitment is to make sure that our network continues to bring innovation into oncology clinical practice and that patients affected by advanced cancer can look to the future with greater trust».