AIMaC Italian Association of Cancer Patients, Relatives and Friends

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Prof. Francesco de Lorenzo

For cancer patients, information is the first medicine and AIMaC, with the National Service of Reception of Information in Oncology (SION), provided for by the National Oncological Plan and fulfilled with the support of ACC, ensures a personalized “information therapy” throughout the course of the disease, making use of:

  • National Helpline Service (Mon/Fri 9.00-19.00) Civil service volunteers, specially trained and assisted by a clinical oncologist, a psychotherapist and a lawyer, answer questions about disease, treatments, and side effects and how to access benefits provided by law in the fields of employment, social security, and welfare. Tel 06 4825107; Fax 06 42011216;
  • 45 Welcome and Information Points, in 31 cities at the main Italian cancer research and treatment centres (including IRCCSs members of ACC) where civil service volunteers trained in oncology communication provide assistance and support to cancer patients and their families by providing personalised information using AIMaC information material.
  • A series of 34 booklets produced in collaboration with scientific institutes and universities on the main types of cancer and their treatments, their side effects and the best way to treat and live with the disease.
  • The ready-to-read website provides up-to-date information on types of cancer, treatment, complications, and support services. The scientific validity of the information published on the site is also certified by the Health on the Net Foundation.
  • The website realized in collaboration with ISS and the Ministry of Health to know whom to turn to for diagnosis, treatments, psychological support, rehabilitation and assistance, pain therapies, and asserting their rights. For each neoplasm are indicated the Centers with a high volume of oncology surgery activities, identified based on hospital discharge cards (SDO) and diagnostic and/or surgical procedures necessary.
  • The immuno-oncology portal where you can understand and be informed about these new therapies with a few simple clicks.
  • Forum is a virtual place where people with cancer and their carers can meet, share their experiences, talk about themselves and compare notes.
  • Centro di Ascolto Psico-Oncologico PARLIAMONE (Psycho-oncological Listening Centre), to listen to and provide psychological support to patients and their families, encouraging the recognition and activation of individual, family and social resources.

AIMaC also defends the dignity of patients and their families, advocating for their needs to the institutions. This advocacy activity has led to the approval of laws that have improved the life quality of patients and their families

Aimac is a non-profit organization founded in 1997, listed in the Register of Voluntary Associations of the Lazio Region and legal entities. Since 2010, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy has recognized it as an Organisation that carries out an activity of obvious social function on the national territory. Since 2014 it has been listed in the Register of entities that perform activities in the fight against discrimination. The role of the SION is recognized in numerous publications (AA.VV., National Cancer Information Service in Italy: information points network as a new model for providing information for cancer patients, Tumors. 2011; AA.VV. “Improving Information to Italian Cancer Patients: The Results of a Randomized Study”, Annals of Oncology, 2004).

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