CRO National Cancer Institute


CRO National Cancer Institute


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Dr. Silvia Franceschi

The CRO National Cancer Institute is a Center of High Level of Cancer Care and Research (Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico, IRCCS) characterized for being a translational health research center and a highly specialized hospital of national importance.   Its aims include promoting biomedical research as well as the organization of health services and innovation in models of care and knowledge transfer, together with providing high-level health services, in compliance with standards of excellence.

In 2015, the CRO was awarded the prestigious status of  Comprehensive Cancer Center by OECI, the organization including the most important European cancer research centers.

The CRO is structured into three departments: Clinical Oncology, High Technology and Research, and Advanced Diagnostics, all under the responsability of three Directorates.

The institute activity focuses on treating breast, ovarian, gastrointestinal, lung, genitourinary system cancers, hereditary-familial cancers, melanomas, sarcomas, and lymphomas.

Putting the patient at the centre of care is of the utmost importance at CRO: therefore, much attention is given to the delivery of care by identifying activities or initiatives aimed at improving patients satisfaction on quality, safety, humanization and ethics in the healthcare provided and in human relationships, and patient education – a process of information, guidance and communication to patients on issues of their interest which is realized with the involvement of patients themselves.
As regards research, more than 130 researchers and grant recipients along with supporting contract staff are employed at CRO.

The projects funded by AIRC exceed 10 units / year for a share of over one million euro in investment funds.

More than 200 scientific publications are published every year with a impact factor constantly > 1,000 points / year. Since 2007, the institute has promoted 60 innovative clinical trials involving approximately 2,000 patients, for a total amount of 12,5 million euro spent on drugs. The CRO also hosts a centralized biobank with nearly 10,000 samples.

Finally, in 2016 the CRO Campus, home of the researchers, was inaugurated: the campus plays a strategic role in implementing prevention, diagnosis and treatment plans, translational research, technology transfer and networking both with the regional and international communities.