IRCCS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria

Direttore Scientifico

Prof. Piercarlo Muzzio

IRCCS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria hospital in Negrar of Valpolicella is a religious, public entity with a non-profit, private administration. It is accredited by the Regional Health System (Veneto Region) and so can operate within the national public network. In 2018, it was recognized by the Ministry of Health as an Institute of Recovery and Cure with a Scientific Focus (IRCCS).

The Institute places the patient at the center of all attention, according to the words of San Giovanni Calabria, the founder of the Hospital. Clinical care, training, research and technological advancement aim at a single final goal: to provide best care for patient.

In the Institute there are all the main specialties in the medical, surgical, intensive care, maternal-infant and rehabilitation areas, with a total of 549 beds for acute and post-acute care. The activity is mainly surgical of high complexity: approximately 33,000 hospitalizations, 22,000 surgical interventions and 1,450,000 outpatient services are performed every year.

In the Institute, there are medical professionals skilled in and dedicated to cancer, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.  The organizational structure permits the multidisciplinary care of oncological patients and the use of innovative antineoplastic treatments. The Institute is full member of OECI (Organisation European Cancer Institute) and is in the accreditation process.

In 2020, over 15,000 patients relied on the Institute for an oncological issue, a number that has steadily increased over the years.

Clinical research activity has been growing over the years: in 2020, 151 clinical studies, observational and experimental, were proposed to the Ethics Committee.

The Hospital is a Phase I Centre authorized by Italian Pharmaceutical Agency (AIFA) for conducting Phase I oncological trials.

The whole Institute is engaged in scientific production: in the last year 247 articles have been published, for a global Impact Factor of 949 points. The oncology publications of the last year were 90 for an Impact Factor of 376.

The updating and training activity in oncology is very relevant, with the contribution of specialists of national importance.

It collaborates with several Italian Universities for clinical training, teaching and research.

There are also 365 beds in the social health area that allow to provide great attention to patients in all phases of the disease.


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