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Direttore Scientifico

Prof. Roberto Orecchia

Established in 1994 from an idea of Umberto Veronesi, the European Institute for Oncology (IEO) is a Comprehensive Cancer Centre in which the clinical activity, research and education are closely linked. Thanks to its statute IEO is a unique reality in Italy: despite being a private hospital every year IEO reinvests all its profit in clinical and research activities.

The IEO promotes a new type of approach to patient care, offering personalized patient-centered care that respects the patients’ quality of life while offering them the best clinical treatment available.

The mission of IEO is to be continuously involved in innovation in the fight against cancer and to strive for excellence in cancer prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment through clinical and scientific research. Organizational and management innovation results in a constant focus on the quality of the services provided to patients.

In just over twenty years of activity the IEO has contributed to a better understanding of various tumors and has lead to new protocols and treatment regimens which have become standard practice both nationally and internationally.

The Institute has always promoted a patient-centered approach that respects the patients’ quality of life specifically reflecting the IEO philosophy while continuously revolutionizing clinical oncological practice thanks to its innovative research.

The IEO approach allows its’ physicians to provide patients the best treatment possible thanks also to up-to-date mini-invasive methods. Most of the Institute’s clinical programs make wide use of Robotic Surgery, reducing the risks associated with conventional surgery and offering numerous potential benefits to the patients. Moving from the maximum tolerable treatment to the most effective minimum one is the common goal of all the clinical programs in IEO from Breast Cancer Surgery, to Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment (thanks to the innovative low dose CT scan), to Radiotherapy techniques and also Interventional Radiology.

Continuously improving the quality of research, assistance and care is one of the chief aims of the Institute’s mission. IEO runs according to the best international clinical practices while observing the IEO philosophy: the patient is first and foremost an individual.


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