National Oncological Institute “Pascale Foundation”

Direttore Scientifico

Prof. Gerardo Botti

The national oncological institute “Pascale Foundation” is a Scientific Institute for research,  hospitalisation and health care (IRCCS) established in 1933 by Senator Giovanni Pascale. It’s a national institution provided with legal entity and autonomy; it maintains high level standards and pursues clinical and translational research, both in biomedical field and in the management of health care and hospitalisation services. Pascale Foundation is the most important Institute in the South Italy and coordinates the oncological network in Campania, established by DCA n°98/2016.

The Mission of Pascale Foundation is the prevention, early detection and treatment of tumours. The main feature of the Mission is the ability to transfer the results of research and innovation in the daily clinical activity. In fact research projects are translational, assuming a continuous exchange of information between laboratory and clinical activity. Moreover, all health services are patient-centred, in order to respond to the particular health needs of the community.

The main purpose is to reach high  standard of excellence in the prevention,early detection and treatment of tumours, both through clinical research and thecnological innovation.

The Pre-clinical and clinical research conducted by the Institute is divided in four macro-areas:
Macro-area 1 – prevention and risk factors in neoplastic disease
Macro-area  2 -tumor markers and innovative diagnostic procedures
Macro-area  3 – integrated tratments in oncology
Macro-area  4 – Innovative therapeutic strategies in advanced stage of disease

The Institute considers the following values the base of its research and treatment of tumours:

citizen-user centred : the citizen is the centre of all health care sevices and institutional activities.

flexible planning: all health care services are flexible, according to the needs of users.

accesibile health services and information: Carte dei servizi, Carta Dell accoglienza and web site  make easier the access to health care services and information.

quality of health care services: the main purpose of the Institute is to offer both an high quality of health services to citizens and  professionalism in health resources.

user-contribution in the planning of activities:  users have the possibility to evaluate  the services offered by Institute, which uses the results in order to improve the planning and the activities of whole Institute.

In the ongoing process of rearrangement of its role and functions, the Institute aims at improving the idea of transparency towards stakeholders, and intends to promote the culture of privacy.

Healthcare environment is one of the most complex field, in which the privacy regulations must be applied.  For that reason, the Institute   has established a “regulation on privacy”,  in order to guarantee the dignity of its patients.



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