Italian Sarcoma Group

Direttore Scientifico

Dott. Piero Picci

Sarcomas are rare tumors that require a multidisciplinary treatment including orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, radiotherapists and basic researchers

From the late eighties the Italian reference centers specialized in sarcoma treatment, began to collaborate within some national research programs and participated to the development of investigator-initiated clinical trials.

From this experience, they felt the need to share their expertise and joint together in an Italian research network aimed to improve the academic research and committed to try to provide answers to unmet clinical questions, especially in the extremely rare sarcomas, or for peculiar sarcoma subtypes.

Thus in 1997, the Italian Sarcoma Group (ISG) was founded and legally recognized as a scientific independent non-profit association in 2002 aimed to improve the quality of sarcomas treatment.

The Italian Sarcoma Group core activity is to promote and develop the research activity in sarcoma, by promoting interventional and observational no-profit clinical trials in bone and soft tissue sarcomas.

ISG is also committed to training and education in sarcoma, by organizing multidisciplinary meetings with the national leading specialists in the sarcoma’s treatment where international speakers are invited for the presentation and discussion of the more important national and international clinical trials in progress.

Since July 2007, ISG is associate member with Alliance Against Cancer (ACC) and collaborates in the Special Oncology Program 2006 through the creation of the National Network for the research and treatment of the musculoskeletal sarcomas.

The Italian Sarcoma Group is also engaged in advocacy activities, providing support and coordination to patient organizations operating in sarcomas, thus establishing an important network of patients, with the aim to contribute to a better treatment and quality of life of patients affected by sarcomas.





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