12 April 2021

The new ACC website is online

The new ACC website, the National Oncology Network founded in 2002 by the Ministry of Health, has been online for a few hours at www.alleanzacontroilcancro.it.

As in the past, the starting point is rethinking the homepage highlighting with greater clarity the network identity and the adaptation of some areas «also in the light of the new tasks invested in the Networks,» explains Prof. Ruggero De Maria, President ACC.

Unlike in the past, consultation now takes place according to a vertical logic, typical in the use of devices. The graphic style develops among ACC colours, using a palette of colours with fresher and more contemporary tones, more prominent characters and minimal graph elements. «Having the objective – affirms Massimo Boni, responsible Communication of ACC – to convey the authoritativeness of the Network and its contemporaneity and innovativeness. Browsing the homepage, the user has summarized the core activities and articulations of ACC: projects, working groups, committees and news – the latter can be consulted, together with the press review, quickly and intuitively. Also, the inner pages have been reorganized. Particular attention has been reserved moreover to mobile navigation. The English version – he concludes – will be completed within a few days».

ACC has the mission to bring technological and organizational innovation from basic research to clinical practice, raising and standardizing healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients throughout Italy. Furthermore, ACC is currently joined by 28 Scientific Hospitalization and Treatment Institutes (IRCCS), AIMaC, the Italian Sarcoma Group, the CNAO Foundation and iTALIAN national Institute of Health – which hosts its offices.

The network is engaged in five main projects: GerSom (oncology genomics program to better treat patients and prevent cancer in high-risk family members), Health Big Data (in collaboration with the Neuroscience and Cardiology Networks to analyze conventional clinical data and integrate it with others derived from the omics sciences), Car-T (development of new therapies to destroy tumours that are not effectively treatable by other means), Forza (creation of an operational infrastructure among members to foster clinical and translational academic research), TranScan (promotion and funding of new translational research projects among EU partners) and OncoNGS.

Finally, 13 WGs are active on different neoplastic types (Colon, Breast, Lung, Glioblastoma, Melanoma, Sarcoma and Tumors of the musculoskeletal apparatus) and clinical research (Genomics, Pathological Anatomy and Biobanks, Oncohematology, Immunotherapy, Radiomics and Survivorship care and nutritional support).

ACC is also present on the main social networks: FB, TW, YT and IN.