13 November 2020

«Postponing cancer treatment by one month increases the risk of death by 13%»

The thoughtful problem – it is said – is that of  oncological screenings because Italy does not invest in prevention. We have ageing mammographs and long waiting lists.

In the first five months of COVID, 1.4 million fewer screening tests were carried out than in 2019. No more than 2,000 breast cancers have been diagnosed. Non-emergent surgeries have been delayed by 64%. A very high price if we think that postponing cancer care by one month leads to a higher risk of death than 13%. Not to mention the research, whose activities – added De Maria – have been reduced by 93%; the remaining 7% is dedicated to research on the COVID. But what can be done now? The top priority is to reactivate cancer screening. It is also necessary to strengthen telemedicine, monitor oncological patients at home and surgery activities of 20-30% to recover accumulated delays.

It is necessary to increase the places.