L'élite dell'oncologia italiana al servizio della ricerca traslazionale

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Alliance Against Cancer (Alleanza Contro il Cancro-ACC), the largest Italian organization for cancer research, was established in 2002 by the Italian Ministry of Health as a network of six high standard institutes for comprehensive cancer patient care and research (IRCCS).

The primary aim of ACC is to promote the network among oncologic institutes pursuing mainly clinical and translational research in order to bring state of the art diagnostics and advanced therapeutics to patient care.

ACC develops projects in three main areas:

  • basic and clinical oncologic research
  • diagnosis and therapy of cancer
  • education and information in oncology

ACC has contributed to setting up the telepathology and rare cancer networks, to developing research projects on the quality of life in cancer patients and to establishing the molecular classification of solid cancers.

As a formal legal entity, ACC can draw on national and international research funding and cooperate with other organisations in the translation of research evidence into clinical practice, with a view to developing new cancer drugs or diagnostic procedures.

As well as this, having incorporated a patients’ association, ACC decided to set up the National Cancer Information Service (SION), now an internationally recognised model fostered by the UE , to facilitate communication with cancer patients, to provide them with information and to promote the best cancer treatments.