Feasibility study for the joint genomic diagnosis of genetic risk and sensitivity to new drugs in breast, ovarian and colorectal tumors

  • Grant:

    6,4 million €

    Founded by The Ministry of Health

  • Duration:

    3 years

    Start: December 3rd 2019


The general objective of this Research Program, is to study the feasibility of a joint diagnostic path, at the time of diagnosis of cancer, for the simultaneous identification of somatic mutations (for prognostic purposes and for anticipating the response to therapy) and hereditary variants (to identify the genetic risk of cancer) in patients with ovarian cancer, some subtypes of breast cancer (triple-negative) or colorectal cancer. The study involves 17 high standard institutes for comprehensive cancer patient care and research (IRCCS) of the ACC network. The feasibility of this project involves two main elements: i) the preparation of a high density gene panel (GerSom panel) for the simultaneous analysis of hereditary variants and somatic mutations, at low cost (<400€) and executable in a short time (<1 week); ii) the preparation of a database allowing the correct clinical management of information deriving from genetic analysis (both for treatments’ choice and for the mapping of genetic risk).

Project coordinator

Ruggero De Maria Marchiano

The scientific coordinator of the project is Prof. Ruggero De Maria Marchiano, president of ACC.