Virtual Institutes of Pathology of the Italian Network of IRCCS: preventing diseases, personalizing treatments, improving the quality of life of patients

  • Financial Contribution:

    55 million €

    Provided by the Ministry of Health

  • Duration:

    10 years

    Start: 16 December 2019


The ten-year HBD project, funded by the MEF and coordinated by the Ministry of Health, involves 51 IRCCS belonging to the Networks Alliance Against Cancer, Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation and Cardiology managed by the three Networks in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan.

The project provides for the creation or enhancement of: i) a set of local IT platforms in each participating IRCCS to ensure extraction, integration and interoperability of clinical and scientific data; ii) a centralized IT platform, ensuring connectivity between IRCCS and advanced analysis of shared data. The type of data that will be collected and shared is heterogeneous and includes omics data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics), clinical data (electronic medical record and patient follow-up data), clinical imaging and radionics data; and data provided by the patient. Data from biosensors, environmental, social, and economic data will also be included in the medium term.

The platform will ensure connectivity between the IRCCS participants in the project, other Italian and non-Italian Research Institutes, the databases of the National Health Service and international public databases, to develop predictive and prescriptive analysis capabilities based on the integration of omics and clinical data and the study of aggregate patient subgroups for various biological and clinical parameters, with the possibility of access and sharing by individual operators of each IRCCS. Besides this, the platform will provide essential operational tools to the Molecular Tumor Boards, which have already been initiated in several network IRCCS.

Collected data:

The type of data that will be collected and shared is heterogeneous and includes:

  • Omics data

    Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics

  • Clinical data

    Electronic medical records and patient follow-up data

  • Imaging data

    Clinical and radiomics imaging data

  • Individual data

    Data provided by the patient

Membri Steering Committee

Piergiuseppe Pelicci – Coordinatore Scientifico del Progetto
Ruggero De Maria – Presidente Rete ACC
Lorenzo Menicanti – Presidente Rete Cardiologica
Raffaele Lodi – Presidente Rete Neuroscienze e Neuroriabilitazione
Angelo Ravelli – Presidente Rete IDEA
Antonio Zoccoli – Presidente INFN
Davide Salomoni – Dirigente Tecnologo INFN
Donatella Sciuto – Prorettore Politecnico di Milano
Letizia Tanca – Politecnico di Milano
Cristina Masella – Politecnico di Milano
Paolo Locatelli – Politecnico di Milano

Project coordinator

Prof. Ruggero De Maria Marchiano

The Scientific Coordinator of the project is Prof. Ruggero De Maria Marchiano, President of ACC.