Promotes and finances translational research projects
in the EU

  • Financial Contribution:

    300.000 €

    (JTC 2021) Provided by more sponsors

  • Duration:

    1,5 years

    Start: 6 April 2021


In continuity with the previous TRANSCAN-2, the ERA-NET TRANSCAN-3 programme aims to coordinate national and regional funding programmes for translational cancer research.

The challenge is to promote a transnational collaborative approach avoiding overlapping efforts and ensure more efficient use of available resources, producing higher quality and impactful results and sharing data and infrastructure. The Ministry of Health coordinates the project.

Research topics

As part of the TRANSCAN-3 programme, the Joint Transnational Call for Proposals 2021 (JTC 2021) will fund ambitious collaborative research projects focusing on this theme: Next-generation Cancer Immunotherapy targeting the tumour microenvironment.
Notwithstanding, the introduction of immunotherapy is revolutionizing the clinical outcomes for an ever-increasing number of patients and therapeutic indications, the limited response rate, especially the inability to predict treatment effectiveness, remains the main obstacle for a broader, safer and more effective use of immunotherapy. Recent evidence suggests that resistance may be affected by the composition of the tumour microenvironment (TME). The TME is a heterogeneous environment consisting of tumour and non-cancer cells of various origins and non-cellular components, which together establish complex interactions that are still largely unknown.
Therefore, understanding the dynamic relationships between the components of TME is essential for the development of predictive biomarkers of efficacy and/and resistance and the identification of new therapeutic targets. This research programme aims to develop new targeted immunotherapies to ensure the greater effectiveness of personalized cancer treatments

Financial institutions

JTC 2021 incorporates 28 participating financial organizations from 19 countries. The European Commission will contribute under the ERA-NET co-financing scheme under the Horizon 2020 Research Framework Programme. ACC will join/participate with a budget of three hundred thousand euros to finance a maximum of two projects.

Timeline and selection procedure

The call was published on 6 April 2021 by the 28 organizations. The evaluation and selection procedure will be accomplished in two stages, and only those proposals that pass the first will be eligible for the second stage. The start date of the winning projects is scheduled for November 2022. Only researchers belonging to one of the Network’s Member Institutes shall be eligible for selection for funding. Alliance Against Cancer requires a check of the eligibility of the application before submission of the same. Applicants must fill in the appropriate form and send it to ACC (Dott. ssa Valentina Trapani, at least ten days before the submission proposal deadline.

More information is available on the project website TRANSCAN-3

Project coordinator

Giandomenico Russo - Giulia Piaggio

The scientific coordination is by Dr. Giandomenico Russo, of the Istituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata in Rome and Dr. Giulia Piaggio of IRE in Rome