A unique opportunity to coordinate research and innovation actions with those of health policy

  • Financial Contribution:

    ~ 6 millions €

    Granted by the European Commission

  • Duration:

    36 months

    Start: 1st April 2023


ECHoS represents a unique opportunity to coordinate R&I and Healthcare actions on cancer with policy-making processes creating transnational communication & collaboration networks aligned with Cancer Mission objectives.

By fostering the creation of National Cancer Mission Hubs (NCMHs), ECHoS will create the conditions for organized stakeholders and individual citizens to collaborate and engage in policy dialogues. ECHoS will produce (i) general models and guidelines for the creation of sustainable NCMHs, (ii) a knowledge exchange programme to support development of NCMHs competences, (iii) impact models and training sets to help efficiently engaging with distinct stakeholders, (iv) a toolkit for synergies to help NCMH engaging in collaborative work with individual European Initiatives, (v) a business continuity model envisaging long-term sustainability of a EU network of NCMHs and (vi) a calendar of events to create awareness on NCMHs and to help closing the gap in citizens’ participation in cancer policy. In summary, ECHoS will create conditions for NCMHs to be Mission Cancer advocates in Member States and set the pace for the development of a transnational network of NCMHs in a second phase.

ACC participates in the project as Affiliated Entity of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and contributes to the workpackage focused on synergies among Missions and other European initiatives.

Project coordinator

Valentina Trapani - Lidia Villanova

Coordinators for ACC are Valentina Trapani and Lidia Villanova.