NGS diagnostics in 21st century oncology: the best, for all, at all times

  • Financial Contribution:

    ~ 11 Millions €

    Granted by the European Commission

  • Duration:

    76 months

    Start: 1 January 2020


The oncNGS project challenges the market to research and develop novel affordable solutions to provide the best NGS tests for all solid tumours/lymphomas. The project will prepare and launch a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), a competitive process enabling the buyers to compare the developments carried out by the contracted suppliers through three phases: solution design, prototyping and clinical validation of a limited set of R&D supplies. oncNGS is a strong consortium composed by eight buyers from five EU member states, supported by six entities with wide experience in pre-commercial procurements, and intellectual property rights.

The challenge that oncNGS will address consists in providing: (1) efficient molecular DNA/RNA profiling of tumour-derived material in liquid biopsies by means of (2) pan-cancer tumour marker analysis kit including NGS analysis integrated with (3) an ICT decision support system including analytical test interpretation and reporting. The PCP procedure has a twofold advantage, both for buyers and companies: buyers will acquire the innovative solutions at lower prices than the current market price; companies will exploit the results of developing an innovative product, including marketing.

In oncNGS, ACC has a prominent role as leader of the workpackage dedicated to the preparation of the procurement. In particular, ACC has performed the needs analysis of the end users, (in terms of genomic space, target alterations, sensitivity, sustainability, etc), and the definition of the challenge for the oncNGS solution, i.e. technical requirements of the desired solution. Moreover, ACC is in charge of the Open Market Consultation in preparation for the tender procedure. Three ACC associate members participate in oncNGS as affiliated entities: IFO-IRE, FPG, IEO.

Project coordinator

Patrizio Giacomini - Luca Mazzarella - Ruggero De Maria

The scientific coordination is shared by Patrizio Giacomini (IRCCS IRE Rome), Luca Mazzarella (IRCCS IEO Milan) and Ruggero De Maria, ACC President.