In addition to the aims of translational medicine, ACC also fosters research through international collaborative networks of excellence, such as TranScan and MD Anderson Sister Institution 

Transcan > ACC is one of the funding agencies in this European network that coordinates translational research projects that are selected by means of high standard evaluation procedures. In 2016 a total of over 17 million euro was disbursed in research projects and the European Commission is currently evaluating funding for a further 5 million euro.

The international coordination of research activities positively impacts outcomes by reducing duplicate research and by increasing the integration of basic, pre-clinical and clinical research and prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and care.

MD Anderson Sister Institution Network > ACC entered the Network to further expand the long-standing cooperation between the American Centre of Excellence and each of the high standard Institutes for both patient care and research (IRCSS). The agreement between the two institutions was signed during a mini symposium in Rome in 2016.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center is the largest institute for clinical cancer research in the USA, constantly topping the rankings for innovation and quality of service. The MD Anderson Network brings together similar centres worldwide.