Working Group

Undici Working Group che si occupano delle principali tipologie di tumore per portare rapidamente la medicina personalizzata di eccellenza nell’oncologia nazionale.

Alliance Against Cancer (Alleanza Contro il Cancro-ACC) has set up nine Working Groups focusing on major cancer types (Lung, Breast and Colon cancer, Melanoma, Glioblastoma and Sarcoma) as well as clinical research (Genomics, Pathology and Biobanking, and Immunotherapy).

They are collaborative groups where leading national experts are involved in the planning of clinical research with the aim of optimizing the use of new drugs for every type of cancer.

The genomic characterization of tumors, at the core of ACC’s activities, offers great opportunities for clinical applications. In order to make the most of it – and the Network is working in this direction – it is necessary to allow patients in ACC Cancer Centers, to participate in targeted and high-quality clinical studies where innovative medicines are administered according to the characterization of tumor predictive biomarkers. The main goal is to enhance the role of high-quality personalized medicine in national oncology, which will potentially reduce future pharmaceutical costs through a more appropriate use of new drugs.

This is the primary task of ACC Working Groups.