WG Anatomia Patologica e Biobanche

Disciplina trasversale alle attività di ricerca contro i tumori

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    Caterina Marchiò


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    Massimo Barberis


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    Angelo Paradiso


Preanalytical procedures in Pathology Laboratories do impact enormously on genomic analyses, spanning from feasibility of a specific molecular assay to proper interpretation of results obtained from experiments. Based on these premises there has been an urgent need to involve more actively the Pathology Laboratories of all Institutes of Cancer Research of the AAC network and to render more homogeneous the workflows of sample collection and analysis. Of note, these samples will be the main substrate of all analyses performed in the framework of the different studies of the disease-related WGs.

At present, this WG – coordinated by Caterina Marchiò (IRCCS Candiolo) is composed of representatives of the Pathology Units of 23 Cancer Institutes. AIMaC (Associazione Italiana Malati di Cancro), the Italian Association of Cancer Patients has expressed an interest in collaborating with us.

The primary objective of the Pathpology and Biobanking WG is represented by the organization of a shared preanalytical workflow to obtain uniform quality of the biological samples, mainly tissue samples, sent for diagnostic purposes to the Pathology Labs. These samples may be also instrumental for Clinical Trials, biomarker validation studies or construction of certified biobanks. Since the quality of DNA and RNA extracted from samples is key to the success of molecular investigations, we have specifically asked to have a Pathologist and a (Molecular) Biologist involved from each Centre.

To achieve the results we have planned to obtain for each Institute the documents realized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the pre-analytical phase, in particular those related to the DNA/RNA extraction from formalin fixed paraffin embedded samples as well as from frozen samples. Subsequently, we will elaborate the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the pre-analytical phase to be shared among all laboratories. The efficacy of the project will be challenged by adopting the same conditions of tissue fixation in formalin systematically applied to all of the samples of the Gersom project. These activities will constitute the backbone of the experience of the WG that will foster further activities focused on biobanking.

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