Anatomia Patologica e Biobanche

Cross-cutting discipline for cancer research activities

  • Secretary

    Caterina Marchiò


  • Clinical Coordinator

    Massimo Barberis


  • Pre-clinical Coordinator

    Angelo Paradiso


The pre-analytic procedures implemented in the laboratories of Pathological Anatomy have a substantial impact on genomic analyses, from their feasibility to the correct interpretation of the results.

From here rises the need to actively involve the Anatomic Pathology of IRCCS that adheres to ACC in the network design strategies and make more homogeneous flows of collection/analysis of samples that will constitute the valuable substrate of the analysis provided by the different pathology-specific WG. Currently, the AP of 23 IRCCS adhere, and AIMaC (Italian Association of Cancer Patients) has also expressed interest in this WG.

The primary objective of the Pathology and Biobanking WG – coordinated by Caterina Marchiò of IRCCS Candiolo – is therefore to organize a common path to standardize the quality of biological samples, primarily tissue specimens, which are sent for diagnostic purposes to Pathological Anatomy, but which could be necessary for clinical trials, validation studies of molecular investigations or for the establishment of a certified biobank. Given the central role of the quality of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) extracted from tissues for downstream molecular analysis, a Pathologist referent and a Biologist referent (molecular) have been involved for each Pathology Anatomy.

To achieve the expected results, we will proceed first with the acquisition of the individual document institutes of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the pre-analytic phase preceding the extraction of nucleus acids from paraffin and frozen tissue. It will follow the elaboration of the standard operating procedures (SOP) typical for the pre-analytic phase to be shared between the Pathological Anatomies adherents. Project effectiveness will be assessed in a project that aims to implement the same formalin setting conditions in a systematic way within the Gersom project. These steps will be the fundamental substrate of the WG to provide a standard preliminary address for bio-banking activities.

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