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    Enzo Medico

    IRCCS Istituto di Candiolo FPO

Complying with the goal of accelerating clinical and translational research in oncology, the WG – coordinated by Enzo Medico (IRCCS Candiolo), joins ACC genomics activities aimed at shifting towards precision medicine by adopting next generation sequencing technologies.

The process streamlines envision:

    • Analysis set-up, by investigating specific sets of colorectal cancers (namely, liver metastasis and synchronous colorectal cancers). The employed technology is also expected to allow fast diagnosis of inherited predispositions. Besides their inherent methodological goals, these studies might in the meanwhile provide information concerning genetic heterogeneity of neoplastic lesions and their possible impact on patient outcome.
    • Set-up of a national tissue repository of colorectal cancer specimens, and related clinical data. This effort is aimed to exploit a relevant Italian effort in the field (TOSCA study*) by providing researchers with samples (3700 stage II and III patients, median follow-up 4 years), from a randomized trial as a revenue for future studies aimed to explore the impact of genetic derangements on disease progression, moving from solid clinical bases.

*TOSCA; Ann. Oncol 2016, ASCO 2017, NEJM 2017

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