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    Enzo Medico

    IRCCS Istituto di Candiolo FPO

The WG, coordinated by Enzo Medico of IRCCS Candiolo – combines with the activities of ACC Genomics by adopting NGS to promote the entry of precision medicine in colorectal cancer.

The launch focuses on the standardization of analysis systems implemented by studying specific disease groups with the methodological purpose of calibrating methodologies to assess the prognostic impact of genetic heterogeneity.

The approach should also enable NGS diagnosis of hereditary predispositions to colorectal tumours.

There is a parallel intention to capitalize on the clinical-scientific commitment (TOSCA study – 3,700 enlisted patients, stages II and III, median follow-up 4 aa; Ann. Oncol. 2016, ASCO 2017, NEJM 2017), creating a national biological sample bank with related clinical data, a basis for studies aimed at understanding the impact of the mutational profile on the outcome of oncological pathology, through essential controlled and adequately stratified case studies.



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