WG Glioblastoma

Working Group

Glioblastoma is the most common of malignant brain tumours – with approximately 1,500 new cases diagnosed every year in Italy. It is more common in men than in women and mainly occurs in people aged between 55 and 75 years.

The Glioblastoma Working Group set up in Alleanza Contro il Cancro – coordinated by Gaetano Finocchiaro from the foundation IRCCS Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, in collaboration with the preclinical coordinator Lucia Ricci-Vitiani from the Italian National Institute of Health and the clinical coordinator Gaetano Finocchiaro from the Besta Neurological Institute in Milan – brings together ten neuro-oncology laboratories in the same number of high standard institutes for comprehensive cancer patient care and research (IRCCS). Their tasks involve exchanging samples and sharing both the results from specific tests and cancer-derived cell lines.

The ACC research on Glioblastoma is mainly focused on three project platforms. The first one concerns the genetic characterization of patient-derived cell lines of Patients from the associated IRCCS Institutes, a very important resource for the in vitro testing of targeted drugs.
The second project aim to enhance knowledge about the small sub-population of long-term survivors – just 5%. The objective is to understand whether there are precise genetic characteristics or characteristics of the tumour microenvironment that are associated with long-term survival.
The purpose of the third project is purely clinical: thanks to a joint effort, a panel (the so-called oncochip) of fifty genes with a high mutation rate has been developed. Sequencing of the samples, using NGS technologies, will allow us to provide clinicians with a genetic profiling service for Glioblastoma, when requested.

  • Coordinatore Clinico: Andrea Pace - IRE ROMA
  • Coordinatore Pre Clinico: Stefano Indracciolo - IOV PADOVA

Pre Clinici
Marco Paggi – IRE ROMA | Paolo Malatesta – IST GENOVA | Rossella Galli – HSR MILANO | Giuliana Pelicci – IEO MILANO | Stefano Indracciolo – IOV PADOVA | Mara Vinci – OPBG ROMA | Lorena Passoni – HUMANITAS | Carla Boccaccio – IRCC CANDIOLO | Gaetano Finocchiaro – BESTA MILANO | Gabriella Aquino – INT PASCALE | Andrea Petretto – IRCCS GASLINI | Elena Binda – S.G. ROTONDO | Anna Tesei – IRST MELDOLA | Marco Gessi – POLICLINICO GEMELLI | Gabriella Aquino – INT PASCALE | Stefano Indraccolo – IOV PADOVA

Giuseppe Lombardi – IOV PADOVA | Antonio Silvani – BESTA MILANO | Matteo Simonelli – HUMANITAS | Toni Hibrahim – IRST MELDOLA | Angela Mastronuzzi – OPBG ROMA | Roberto Pallini – IRCCS GEMELLI ROMA | Enrico Marchioni – MONDINO PAVIA | Andrea Pace – IRCCS IRE | Ester Simeone – INT PASCALE | Maria Luisa Garrè – IRCCS GASLINI | Leonardo Gorgoglione – S.G. ROTONDO | Marco Gatti – FPO CANDIOLO | Maurizio Mascarin – CRO AVIANO | Elisa Bennicelli – IST GENOVA | Michele Reni – OSR MILANO