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The ACC Breast Cancer Working Group largely concentrates its efforts on obtaining predictive factors from alterations in the cancer cells, to develop specific molecular therapies in order to establish specific preventive treatment for each Patient.

The study, which involves 16 of the 23 ACC Institutes – coordinated by the WG Secretary, Lucia Del Mastro, who is based at the San Martino Hospital in Genoa – focuses on a cancer subtype for which it is currently more difficult to achieve a high rate of recovery. In particular, the focus of the researchers is the triple negative breast cancer that tests negative to the three receptors used in the treatment of other forms of breast cancer (oestrogen, progesterone and Her2 receptors) and for which no specific treatment exists.

The route indicated by Del Mastro involves the use of an oncochip (genetic code created in the laboratory and able to identify important anomalies in the cancer cells) to identify a panel of genes whose alterations could definitely be responsible for drug resistance but, at the same time, predictive of response to new targeted biological treatments which have a much higher efficacy and a far lower toxicity.

As well as the expertise of the researchers and the clinicians that make up the Working Group, the strength of the Breast Cancer WG, as for all the other ACC Working Groups, lies in its numbers:  10,000 cases are treated every year in the 16 Institutes involved – very high when compared to the overall number of cases treated nationally. Working through a network means working faster and increasing the probability of success in the research for new therapeutic solutions. Maria Grazia Daidone of the National Cancer Institute (INT) in Milan is responsible for the preclinical work, while the clinical coordinator is  Marco Colleoni from the IEO, Milan.


  • Secretary (of the Executive Board): Lucia Del Mastro - IST GENOVA
  • Head of Pre-Clinical Operations: Maria Grazia Daidone - INT MILANO
  • Head of Clinical Operations: Marco Colleoni - IEO MILANO

Pre Clinici
Alessandra Viel – CRO AVIANO | Anita Mangia – INT BARI | Simona Zupo – IST GENOVA | Rosa Bernardi – HSR MILANO | Carmen Crisciello – IEO MILANO | Egidio Iorio – ISS ROMA | Marco Montagna – IOV PADOVA | Libero Santarpia – ICH ROZZANO | Sara Bravaccini – IRST MELDOLA

Francesco Cognetti, Patrizia Vici – IRE ROMA | Michelino De Laurentis, Franco Perrone – PASCALE NAPOLI | Serena Di Cosimo – INT MILANO | Simon Spazzapan- CRO AVIANO | Francesco Giotta – INT BARI | Gianpaolo Bianchini – HSR MILANO | Pier Franco Conte – IOV PADOVA | Monica Zuradelli – ICH ROZZANO | Michele Aieta – CROB VULTURE | Andrea Rocca – IRST MELDOLA | Alessia De Simone – MAUGERI PAVIA | Filippo Montemurro – IRCCS CANDIOLO