Always a frontier in genomic and/or personalized medicine

  • Secretary

    Enrico Derenzini


  • Clinical Coordinator

    Fabio Ciceri


  • Pre Clinical Coordinator

    Giorgia Simonetti


The ACC Oncohaematology Working Group has two main objectives for the next three years. The diseases that will be the main focus are aggressive B-cell lymphomas and acute myeloid leukemias.

The WG is coordinated by Enrico Derenzini (IEO) and is composed of 18 sites.

The first objective is to build a ‘hi-tech’ diagnostic network that can be a reference platform for implementing innovative clinical trials in the field of aggressive lymphomas and acute myeloid leukemia.

The second objective is a study aimed at “multi-omics” (genomics, proteomics and metabolic) characterization of leukemias and lymphomas with alterations of the TP53 gene. Alterations of this gene profoundly impact the biology of these tumour, leading to resistance to current therapies and extensive metabolic reprogramming. This study aims to identify any vulnerabilities linked to TP53 gene dysfunction with a functional characterization approach that goes beyond genomics, to set up, for both pathologies, innovative therapies based on the concept of “synthetic lethality”.

The innovative structure of the WG will allow the various IRCCS adhering to insert their projects within the ACC network progressively.


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