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Despite the progresses in the treatment of patients with non small cell lung cancer, the prognosis remains poor, with an estimated five years overall survival of only 16%. Thanks to the technological advances, during the last ten years, different molecular alterations, responsible for the development of oncogene addicted tumors, have been identified in NSCLC.

Currently, NSCLC is considered as a heterogeneous disease, including rare molecularly classified lung tumors, that are susceptible to targeted inhibition. Nationwide programs have assessed the feasibility of large-scale molecular screening. The development of nationwide programs, through the creation of consortium between different institutions, resulted in a successful strategy to increase the number of patients molecularly characterized. Moreover, this translated into longer survival. Next generation sequencing (NGS) is based on massive parallel sequencing of millions of different DNA molecules, allowing the detection of multiple mutations in multiple genes. An Oncochip, including the sequences of 182 genes, 139 translocations and 141 germline variants was recently developed.

The aim of the current proposal is to prospectively validate the Lung Oncochip in newly diagnosed advanced NSCLC patients, referring to 12 Italian Research Institutes, belonging to the Alliance Against Cancer Network (ACC), built in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Health. This is the first Italian prospective study, evaluating the use of NGS to classify NSCLC patients.

  • Secretary (of the Executive Board): Vanesa Gregorc - HSR MILANO
  • Head of Pre-Clinical Operations: Fabiana Cecere - IRE ROMA
  • Head of Clinical Operations: Filippo De Marinis - IEO MILANO

Pre Clinici
Fabiana Cecere, Paola Nisticò – IRE ROMA | Nicola Normanno – PASCALE NAPOLI | Gustavo Baldassarre, Alessandra Bearz – CRO AVIANO | Stefania Tommasi – ONCOLOGICO BARI | Pier Paolo Di Fiore – IEO MILANO | Adriana Eramo – ISS ROMA | Stefano Indraccolo – IOV PADOVA | Giuseppina Improta – CROB VULTURE | Paola Ulivi – IRST MELDOLA | Valentina Sancisi – ASMN REGGIO EMILIA | Silvia Giodano, Simona Corso – IRCCS CANDIOLO | Giancarlo Pruneri – INT MILANO Claudio Doglioni – HSR MILANO | Paolo Graziano – CSS S.G. ROTONDO | Guido Rindi – IRCCS GEMELLI ROMA

Domenico Galetta – ONCOLOGICO BARI | Francesco Grossi – IST GENOVA | Vanesa Gregorc – HSR MILANO | Filippo De Marinis – IEO MILANO | Laura Bonanno – IOV PADOVA | Luca Toschi – ICH ROZZANO | Alfredo Tartarone – CROB VULTURE | Angelo Del Monte – IRST MELDOLA | Francesca Zanelli – ASMN REGGIO EMILIA | Giulia Maria Stella, Francesco Leone – IRCCS CANDIOLO | Alessandro Morabito – PASCALE NAPOLI | Giancarlo Pruneri – INT MILANO | Antonio Rossi – CSS S.G. ROTONDO | Emilio Bria – IRCCS GEMELLI ROMA